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Eretz Nadlan's Modiin Rentals offers Modiin's largest collection of properties for rent. From new immigrants to long term Modiin residents, all have benefited from the outstanding personal service which Eretz Nadlan offers its clients. We have built up a tremendous reputation helping our clients to rent and rent out properties in all of Modiin's neighborhoods.




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Landlords from all over the world are using Modiin Rentals to let out their Modiin properties. Free of agency fees and headaches Modiin Rentals is the best choice for anyone who needs to rent out real estate in Modiin.

Modiin - Israel's Dynamic City

In my work, I have lived and visited many places throughout the world. No town has ever captured my heart as much as Modi'in. Its beauty is stunning, a city where most of its buildings are low and built with Jerusalem stone, and beautiful green parks flank almost every boulevard. Its children, in abundance, the future of Israel, playing peacefully in organized and clean play areas. A quiet and tolerant city, where religious and non religious live together, respecting each other. Modi'in is close to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and only fifteen minutes drive to Ben Gurion International Airport. It is surrounded by many exciting historical beauty spots, steeped in the wonders of Israel's past. This is today's Modi'in, a dream come true, with a future so vast and enticing, it can't be ignored. This is Modi'in. Israel's most dynamic city!


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